The Case for Pre Hospital Transfusion

In cities towns and rural communities across the US, people are dying unnecessarily from severe bleeding arising from limited access to blood transfusions at the point of injury.

In the vast majority of cases blood products are not available on emergency response vehicles because of reimbursement limitations and local regulations which vary by state.

This multi-disciplinary, industry wide Collaborative initiative is designed to advance five pillars of focused activity to to eliminate the barriers associated with prehospital blood transfusion and facilitate information sharing for the development of programs.

Our vision is that prehospital blood products are available to every medically appropriate bleeding patient and that every provider receives fair compensation for performing prehospital blood transfusions.

13 Nov 2023
Prehospital Blood Transfusion Initiative Coalition Meeting 13 Nov 2023
Prehospital Blood Transfusion Initiative Coalition Meeting 13 Nov 23
1 Sep 2023
Case for Prehospital Transfusion Reimbursement
John Holcomb, MD, FACS
22 Aug 2023
Reimbursement Efforts To March 23
Susan N. Leppke, MPH , AABB
19 Aug 2023
Field Experience: Prehospital Transfusion Reimbursement
Eric A. Bank, HCESD 48 Fire Department, LP, NRP, FAEMSS

Our Mission

Establish reimbursement coverage, from both government and commercial payers, for prehospital blood transfusions and ensure prehospital blood transfusion is included appropriately in the prehospital clinical scope of practice in all states and jurisdictions across the United States.

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