This could save more American lives than any other initiative in our lifetime.

The Case for Pre Hospital Transfusion

Exsanguination remains the leading cause of preventable deaths among victims of trauma with nearly half of these patients dying in the prehospital setting. Prehospital blood resuscitation is also clinically indicated for selected patients who hemorrhage from medical conditions (e.g., post-partum hemorrhage, abdominal bleeds). Individuals requiring critical care in the field in many locations in the US do not have access to prehospital blood transfusions due to reimbursement policies and scope of practice limitations.
13 November, 2023

Prehospital Blood Transfusion Initiative Coalition Meeting 13 Nov 2023

Prehospital Blood Transfusion Initiative Coalition Meeting 13 Nov 23
1 September, 2023

Case for Prehospital Transfusion Reimbursement

John Holcomb, MD, FACS
22 August, 2023

Reimbursement Efforts To March 23

Susan N. Leppke, MPH , AABB
19 August, 2023

Field Experience: Prehospital Transfusion Reimbursement

Eric A. Bank, HCESD 48 Fire Department, LP, NRP, FAEMSS

Our Mission

Establish reimbursement coverage, from both government and commercial payers, for prehospital blood transfusions and ensure prehospital blood transfusion is included appropriately in the prehospital clinical scope of practice in all states and jurisdictions across the United States.