Get Involved

Your support is critical to the success of this initiative aimed at advancing prehospital blood transfusion in the United States.
There are three ways in which you can help:

Join the Coalition

We are interested in engaging with stakeholders in prehospital transfusion that share the Coalition's vision for the lifesaving potential of expanded adoption of this critical medical therapy.


Join us in reaching out to congressional representatives and other policy makers to support the case for EMS-based prehospital transfusion.

Financial Support

If you share our life-saving vision, please support us financially to help cover the costs of advocacy and education.

The Coalition will benefit from your support on multiple levels:

  • Providing your expertise to develop and execute the Coalition’s four pillars of focus.
  • Providing input and insight for our strategic planning process.
  • Helping to underwrite our limited, general operating costs and the hiring of a strategic policy advisor in Washington, D.C.

Please complete the inquiry form below or contact Jon R. Krohmer, MD, FACEP, FAEMS - Steering Committee Chair directly at